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About Light Upon Light
Light Upon Light is an Islamic-based conference that inspires thousands with interactive and inspirational events throughout the UK. We began with one event in London, featuring guest speakers such as Mufti Menk and due to popular demand, we have expanded to events on a national scale. Our goal is to deliver beneficial events for a wide audience by introducing them to diverse and world-renowned speakers, charitable causes, and businesses that cater to our community. Only by the will of Allah, we have managed to benefit hundreds of thousands of people and millions online, both Muslims and non- Muslims, by providing them with the opportunity to learn about the orthodox and moderate way of Islam. Our events are designed to be interactive and engaging, providing attendees with an opportunity to learn, grow, and be inspired in their journey of faith. We believe in providing a platform for learning through diverse voices and perspectives, and we are proud to have had some of the most renowned scholars, artists, and sports personalities in the Muslim community speak at our events.
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About Motivational Evening
Our Motivational Evening events are meticulously curated to immerse the attendees in the beauty of Islamic teachings while providing practical guidance for success in all aspects of life. Imagine being enveloped in an intimate ambience, surrounded by a select group of like-minded individuals, all seeking spiritual enlightenment and personal growth. Mufti Menk as well as our other guests, renowned for their profound knowledge and inspiring words, illuminate the path of the congregation with their captivating lecture. Their wisdom resonates deep within the souls, motivating one to overcome challenges and manifest ones true potential as a devoted Muslim. These gatherings provide a special occasion for personal connection and deep reflection, fostering a warm and welcoming atmosphere for attendees and also provide an opportunity to immerse oneself in an environment where knowledge, connections, and a memorable dining experience seamlessly come together. But there's more. As those who attend, absorb the spiritual nourishment, they also savour a delectable 3-course meal. As an honoured attendee, we recognise the importance of fostering ongoing spiritual development. That's why those who attend also receive an exclusive gift—a cherished copy of Mufti Menk's latest book, ``The Best of Mufti Menk.`` This invaluable resource will serve as a timeless companion, offering guidance, inspiration, and a profound connection to Islamic teachings long after the event concludes.