Light upon Light


As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

We pray that you are in the best of health and Eman. Thank you for your interest in our Light Upon Light Winter Conference where over 10,000 attendees are expected.

What is Light Upon Light

Light Upon Light is an Islamic-based conference that inspires thousands with interactive & inspirational events throughout the United Kingdom & internationally. Since its inception in 2014, we began with one event in London with guest speakers such as Mufti Menk & have now expanded on a national scale due to popular demand. Alhamdulillah, we have been and continue to be fully dedicated to delivering beneficial events for a wide audience by introducing them to diverse & world-renowned speakers, much needed charitable causes and businesses that cater for our community. By the will of Allah Alone, we have managed to benefit more than 100,000 people in the past 5 years. One of the main aims of Light Upon Light is to make it as easy and economical as possible for both Muslims and non-Muslims to attend and learn about the orthodox & moderate way of Islam.


Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London, E16 1XL

The green arrow represents the entrance to the ICC Capital Hall where the stalls will be allocated


Premier Stalls

£ 2500
  • 6ft by 2ft Two-day stalls
  • Branding around the venue (inside the prayer area and around the boulevard area) limited to two pull-up banners
  • Big screen Logo Marketing (Artwork must be provided by 10th Dec)
  • Advert of up to 1-minute video played during breaks
  • E-Brochure half page A6 size (Artwork must be provided by 10th Dec)
  • E-mail marketing (Post events with a promotion offered by you)
  • 5 x guest tickets each day of the event including stall holders (London events only)


£ 600
  • 6ft by 2ft stalls
  • 2 x guest tickets for the day of the event (Including stall holders)


1.1 Fees

As a booking fee, you must pay the amount, for the right to use the site. The booking fee must be paid in advance, and as sites are limited bookings will not be confirmed without receipt of funds. Fees are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled by Light Upon Light.

1.2 Trading days and hours

No trading will be permitted during the on-stage charity fundraising.  Stallholders must always conduct business from the stall during trading hours. Trading hours are as follows:

  • Access to Site 09:00
  • Doors Open & Trading Starts 11:00
  • Trading Ends 19:00
  • Vacate Venue by 20:00
1.3 Temporary basis

The right of the use of the allocated space for the purpose of holding a stall at the venue site during the event is on a basis of a temporary licence. Light Upon Light has absolute discretion to grant or revoke this right at any time.

1.4 Venue

The actual space allocated to the stall holder for the duration of the event(s) will be at the discretion of Light Upon Light and which may change if required due to reasonable grounds.

It is the stall holder’s responsibility to ensure their stall (including guide ropes and other attachments) fits within the allocated space designated to the stall holder. You will not be able to swap or move once the space for the stall is allocated unless permission by Light Upon Light is given.

1.5 Size and the use of stall(s)
  • Each stall holder must only occupy the allocated space. The size of the space will be approximately 8ft by 5ft in dimension.
  • Under no circumstances will stall holders be allowed to extend and/or place his/her goods and/or offer his/her services outside the designated boundary of the allocated space.
  • Stall holders must only use and occupy the stall for the retail sale of products or services as described by the stall holder. 
  • Other stall holders may be permitted to conduct a similar business at the event unless otherwise stated in writing via exclusivity rights.
  • All goods and merchandise offered for sale or sold by stall holders must comply with relevant safety and compliance standards.
  • To sell or advertise products in accordance to Light Upon Light policy.
  • No prohibited, harmful, or offensive items are to be sold or displayed including but not limited to Pellet guns, Air rifles, knives, swords, or obscene material.
  • Stalls are non-transferable
1.6 Stall Equipment
  • One 6ft x 2ft table and two chairs will be provided. No other furniture or stall weather protection will be provided.
  • The stall holder is responsible for ensuring any equipment used on the day meets the standard health & safety requirements as per the nature of the trade.
  • There will be no electricity available (No sockets)
  • It is the stall holder’s responsibility to have a working card machine with it’s own network connectivity for the purpose of taking payments should the stall holder choose to not transact using cash.
1.7 Clean and Proper Condition

Stallholders must conduct themselves in a proper, professional polite, and orderly manner at all times and keep noise to a minimum.


Stalls must always be kept in a clean and tidy condition. All rubbish must be removed from the site before departure.


1.8 Sub Letting and Sharing

Subletting or sharing of sites is not permissible without the consent of Light Upon Light.


1.9 Weather

Light Upon Light will not be responsible for trade affected by weather conditions.

Light Upon Light will not bear any responsibility nor guarantee the number of attendees at the event and accepts no responsibility for the response to your stall.


Can I book other cities?

Currently, only London is available

Can I book stalls for food?

No stalls can be offered for food or drinks.

My selected category is not available

Unfortunately, that category is sold out. We can add you to the waiting list. We will notify you on a first-come-first-served basis.

Do I get tickets to the main event?

2x tickets are available for the main event including stall holders.

How many people can I bring on the day to stalls?

Maximum of 2

Do you provide power for the stalls?

No power is provided

Is parking space available?

Paid parking is available.

How do I get to the venue?

All details of what to do on the day, the location and how to get to the venue are in your welcome confirmation pack which was sent to you via email after your payment was made

Can I choose the stall location in the venue?

The stalls will be allocated to you by the stall manager. You will find your business name on the table in your allocated space

Can I bring my table?

Yes you can but you must stay within your allocated space of approximately 8ft by 5ft in dimension

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