Light upon Light

Empower New Muslims
& Muslim Youth

Inspire Young Hearts & New reverts

Enable new and young Muslims to benefit from our conferences, supporting them on their journey towards the straight path of Islam!

At Light Upon Light Winter Conference 2023, your sponsorship allows them to experience our enriching conferences at no cost. This support is more than just a gesture—it’s a vital step in their spiritual growth and connection with the Islamic community. Be a part of their journey, and see the difference your contribution makes.

What Is Light Upon Light

Light Upon Light is a UK-based Islamic conference that has its roots in London and is committed to inspiring and uplifting thousands of attendees through interactive and inspirational events. Our humble beginnings started with a single event in London, which featured distinguished guest speakers such as Mufti Menk. Today, propelled by popular demand, we have expanded to hold events on a national scale, reaching a broad audience of individuals seeking spiritual enlightenment and community connection. Our journey of growth and expansion is a testament to the will of Allah and the unwavering support of our community.

Our central objective is to deliver valuable, enlightening events to a wide audience. To achieve this, we invite an array of diverse and world-renowned speakers, promote charitable causes, and collaborate with businesses that resonate with our community values. By facilitating access to such resources and knowledge, we have, by Allah’s grace, positively impacted hundreds of thousands of people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike. We provide them with opportunities to learn about the orthodox and moderate paths Of Islam, encouraging learning, growth, and inspiration in their journey of faith.

Our events are designed to be engaging and interactive, fostering an environment of active learning and personal development. We believe in offering a platform that supports diverse voices and perspectives. Over the years, we’ve been proud to host some of the most esteemed scholars, artists, and sports personalities in the Muslim community. Their contributions have made our events rich with insights and have furthered our mission to inspire and enlighten our attendees, contributing to a deeper understanding of the faith we share and cherish. 

The Growing Impact of Light Upon Light

Attendees at LUL Events
99833 +
Shahadas Taken
40 +
Attendees This Conference
42842 +

The journey of Light Upon Light has been remarkable, marked by a significant and growing impact on the Muslim community. With more than 100,000 attendees participating in our events to date, we’ve seen a powerful wave of spiritual awakening and community building. The momentous occasions of over 100 Shahadas are a testament to the profound influence of these gatherings. As we prepare to welcome over 43,000 attendees at this conference, we continue to celebrate and cherish these milestones of faith, unity, and enlightenment. Each number represents a life touched, a heart inspired, and a community strengthened.

Become a Sponsor Today!

By sponsoring Light Upon Light, you’re doing more than just funding an event; you’re playing a pivotal role in the spiritual journey of thousands. Each sponsorship is a crucial support for those in search of guidance and enlightenment. Here’s how your contribution makes a difference:

Empowering New Muslims​

Host 1250 new Muslims across 5 events. Sponsorship per individual is just £8, amounting to a total of £10,000.

Supporting Young Believers​

Help 1250 young Muslims to attend these events. With each sponsorship costing £8, the total comes to £10,000.

Subsidizing Ticket Costs​

Your sponsorship helps keep ticket prices affordable at an average of £8, ensuring our events are accessible to the broader Muslim community in the UK.

Covering Venue

The total expense for our esteemed venues exceeds £500,000. We face a shortfall of around £17,000 to reach our break-even point based on expected ticket sales.

Contributing to Speaker’s Visit​

Your support also contributes towards the costs of bringing esteemed speakers and guests to the UK, amounting to £21,000 for the entire tour.

Your sponsorship doesn’t just cover costs; it opens up a world of opportunity for spiritual growth and community bonding. Join us in this noble endeavor and help thousands of Muslims!




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